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Product Lists

Take a close look at our product lists and discover our great variety of products. The lists are sorted according to fruits and vegatables.


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Our essences are extracted solely from the named fruit...                                    >more

Organic and Controlled Agriculture
Take advantage of our long experience in the world-wide business of organic products and baby-food!           >more 



Powder and Flakes
We produce our powders and flakes with the drum-drying- technology. With this tech- nology...                   >more

Puree and Pureeconcentrate
Fruit purees are fruit in its purest form and this should be reflected in the final product as well...

Juice and Juice Concentrate
We have been producing juices and juice concentrates on our own since 1955...       >more

is a blend of usually 60% apple juice and 40% carbonated water. ...  >more