“Since nature is the basis of our business, we have been commiting ourselves right from the start to using the resources of our environment considerately.”

Nature gives its best for our products. So, in return, we do our best for nature.

Our vision is to "close the loop" one day and achieve the waste-free production. In our opinion this means to find solutions which will allow to reduce waste and emissions and to make all remnants from the production useable as raw materials for us and others.

Purification Plant in Poland

The waste water treatment  at our Italian plant C.A.S. is an example for the realisation of this idea.

The first own purification plant was set up already in 1975, long before this was common in our industry.


Purification Plant at the C.A.S.

Since then the purification plant has been redesigned several times, always according to the latest know-how. Today, the purification process releases raw materials – fermentation gas,  fertiliser and purified water.

We use the fermentation gas to produce energy and heat for our production. We pass on our fertiliser to farmers for whom our remnants are raw materials.

Furthermore, the environmental management system of the C.A.S. received the
ISO 14001:2004 certification by SQS, the leading Swiss auditors.

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